2019 Waterproof Women Lady Smart Watch Bracelet Fitness Tracker Fashion Cute


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2019 Waterproof Women Lady Smart Watch Bracelet Fitness Tracker Fashion Cute
Product Description


Screen:1.0inch TFT LCD    resolution:128*96

Bluetooth:BLE 4.0     

Key Mode:Touch Panel    
Battery Type:Polymer lithium battery    
Charger Specs:1A or below    
Charging type:Pogo Pin    
Motor Type:Flattening motor 0820    
Battery Life:6 days normally use; 60 days standby(based on 170mAh)   

Type of word library:Multi-language optional    

APP name:Hey Band    
Charging voltage:5.0V    

Charging current:85MA   

Overall Dimensions:D-40.0mm,H-10.6mm    
PCBA Dimensions:  26*27*0.6 mm    
Main chipset:NRF52832_QFAA    
Heart  Rate Sensor:HY1303   

Sport record:Steps,sport time,distance,calories,sleep monitor,sport and sleep data in 30 days are saved    
Health Monitor:Real-time heart rate measurement(Static ,dynamic)、Blood pressure(Timed blood pressure measurement can be set)、Blood oxygen monitor、Fatigue monitor    

Reminders:Alarm,Drink reminder、sedentary reminder,call reminder,Notification(SMS/QQ/Wechat/Skype/Facebook/Twitter/Line/WhatsApp),Anti-lost     Others:Raise to wake,One Key Examination,Time,remote camera,DND mode,find the band、wetchat movement、reject a call on the smart band,OTA

APP Languages :Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English,
Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Greek, Turkish,
Russian, Dutch, Portuguese    
Applicable Models:”iOS-iPhone 4S and higher;

1 x Smart Watch
1 x Manual



(1) We accept PayPal only.

(2) Payment must be made within 7 working days of the auction end time.


(1) We will ship your item(s) within 1 working day.

(2) We send to USA , 5-10 working days.

(3) UK / Auatralia / Canada ,15-35 working days.

(4) Europe , 15-35 working days.

(5) Other Countries, 20-45 working days.

(6) We
can also provide express post by EMS(4-15 days) or DHL(4-8 days). The
cost is higher than standard postage, about \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\$ 20 or higher. If you
want post by EMS or DHL, please contact us.Very reasonalbe shipping fee
will be charged.


the unlikely event that a return is request, all returns must include
all original items undamaged, in re-saleable condition, all original
packaging including manuals, warranty forms, etc. Software sales are not
refundable. Shipping and handling fees are not refundable. Buyer is
responsible for shipping costs incurred shipping products back.



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